Adam Keleman Talks ‘Easy Living,’ ‘Hannibal’ Star Caroline Dhavernas & More [Indie Beat Podcast]

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This time around we spoke with filmmaker Adam Keleman!

The director started out with a bang, having his first short film “Going Back” premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in 2010. This short follows a failed model returning to her hometown after a long time away, focusing on all the discomfort and awkwardness that entails. It’s a tight, lean film that displayed Keleman’s talent in a very understated way — it’s a ten minute short but probably has less than ten shots, with scenes playing out mostly in a single long take. Check it out here.

Keleman took this a step further with his next short, “Long Days,” which tracks one mysterious woman over the course of a single night. Here the filmmaker employs the methodical pacing that exhibited in the previous short — along with a few homages to the great Chantal Akerman — while adding a dash of genre and dread. Give it a watch!

“Easy Living” marks both Keleman’s feature film debut and also his return to SXSW. Starring Caroline Dhavernas (“Hannibal,” “Wonderfalls”) the film follows Sherry Graham, a traveling makeup saleswoman on her way to new prospects in both her employment and love life. When these avenues end up fizzling out she finds herself in a much more precarious situation — and then decides to take control in a serious, assertive way. It’s a solid character study, one with a sense of humor and a courage to zig when you expect it to zag. It’s out now and you can grab it on iTunes and Amazon.

Adam was kind enough to chat with us about his films plus tips & tricks for budding filmmakers and also… sweet Vincent Gallo stories! Smack that play button:

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