Julia Teti

Lights Out

What Makes A Movie Scary?

To make a horror film truly scary, every ingredient that goes into a scene has to be measured perfectly in order to get the intended reaction from the audience. In a video essay from Now You See It, we take
Blade Runner

‘Blade Runner’: Constructing A Future Noir

Film noir has traversed various means in the cinematic-sphere. Once a genre, then a form, now finalizing itself as the foundation for narrative and aesthetic stylistic elements, noir has gained popular resurgen
Blade Runner

Loneliness Explored in ‘Blade Runner’

The streets of a futuristic Los Angeles are cluttered, not only with debris, but also with living, lonely human bodies. This is the backdrop of Ridley Scott’s seminal science-fiction/ future noir 1982 film “Bla
Jaws Dolly Zoom

Discover The Magic Behind The Dolly Zoom

The dolly zoom is synonymous with some of the most memorable films and movies from the classic and modern periods of cinema. It’s an innovative technique that disorients audiences and creates an effective feeli
Baby Driver Ansel Elgort

‘Baby Driver’: A Lesson In Storytelling

At this point in his career, Edgar Wright has cemented himself as a brilliant filmmaker. He’s is capable of creating movies that are entertaining, aesthetically pleasing, all with a style of storytelling that c