‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ & The Career Of Noah Baumbach [Adjust Your Tracking Podcast]

Yeah, the movie news cycle has been rough lately, but change is coming (and it’s about goddamn time!) In the meantime, Netflix has just released one of its best original films…

On this episode of Adjust Of Your Tracking, Joe and I talk about the career of Noah Baumbach, a filmmaker we’ve mostly enjoyed through the years. The chat was inspired by his latest feature, the Netflix original “The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected),” which we talk about in the first half of the show while also examining which films from the writer/director work and don’t work for us. He’s a vital voice in cinema, making adult comic pictures with real edge, but this latest may just be his best effort (at least I think so!) as well as his warmest.

With this deep dive into his work (we don’t touch on everything, though, admittedly) we also found it a perfect time to bring back our special segment, HOLD UP, in which one of us chooses a film from the past that we enjoyed and see if it, in fact, holds up. And so, Joe chose for this episode that we discuss and look back at Baumbach’s first film, “Kicking And Screaming” (not the Will Ferrell soccer movie), a strong debut that we find rises above its mid-nineties signifiers and is, simply, a good movie about the college experience.

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