‘24’ Getting Third Reboot As Courtroom Drama With Female Lead

First, Fox tried to reboot “24” with Kiefer Sutherland reprising his role as veteran terrorist-killer Jack Bauer. After that fizzled, Fox went back to the well again, and they decided to start fresh with a new reboot led by a new actor, Corey Hawkins, as the lead terrorist-killer. Now, hoping the third time is indeed the charm, Fox is changing the “24” game again, but with a new twist on the real-time drama.

Deadline is reporting that Fox is in the early stages of working on a new “24” series, however, don’t expect any terrorist-killing in this one. In the new and improved “24,” the series will focus on a female prosecutor who is working to save a death row inmate, facing execution, by uncovering a grand legal conspiracy. If you’re reading this and scratching your head, you’re not alone. This is a bold take on the idea of “24,” ditching the premise and existing mythology entirely, but keeping the real-time element.

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The report continues by saying this series will be an anthology and will keep the 24-hour real-time aspect, but start fresh each season with a new premise and characters, as seen in “American Horror Story” and “Fargo.” That’s right, “24” is now a reboot and an anthology series, making it the epitome of modern of television.

Former “24” executive producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer are leading the way on this new series. Joining them is “The Killing” writer/producer Jeremy Doner.

There is also a tidbit in the report that Fox might consider other takes on the “24” formula, in case this one turns out to be a dud. At some point, they’ll have to put “24” out of its misery, right?